Benefit Julekalender 2014

Choco-banana shake!

Hi everyone! Soo, we are going to try something new on the blog, wooo.
This is a recipe, and it will be in English. Let’s see how it goes? My upcomming posts will still be in Danish, but maybe I will start making recipes and stuff in English, I don’t know yet, this is just an experiment.

So lets get started, huh? IMG_8300

If you want to know how to make that beauty, stay tuned! It’s only three ingredients and they are…:
– 100 grams of frozen banana.
– 25 grams of chocolate powder, any kind really, I would guess. I used some chocolate flavored diet powder from Germany, lmao. But that’s because protein powder is really expensive, and I got this for cheap, so.
– Water or milk until you have the glass you want to fill, filled. I used water.

My grandma got me this fantastic blender, that blends directly into the cup you want to use, and then you can put a normal lid on and ready to go! So obviously I used that and poured the ingredients in, banana, powder, water. I started off my shaking it a little, and then blending. Afterwards I poured more water in, blended, more water, blended, etc.
Looking back, I poured too much water in, but that’s how it is. You should only put water/milk in it, until you think it’s the right consistency.

There is 600 ml here, and that was 192 calories. A perfect lil snack, but it tastes a little more like banana than chocolate, so be aware of that <3

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– Cecilie x

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